Tuesday, October 22, 2013

26 Angel Run- Race Recap

26 Angel Run
26 Miles for 26 Angels
Come and participate in a "26 Angel" run,
bike or walk. 26 miles for all 26 of the people
that were shot and killed at Sandy Elementary
in CT. It will be on Saturday January 26th,
2013. Spread the word & please come join us.
Each mile marker will have an angel at the end of it with the name of an individual who died.
We are also accepting donations for the families.
You may Run/Bike/Walk however many miles you would like.
*(Please note: This is not a sanctioned event; therefore, there will
be no police, ambulance, water stations or t-shirts, etc… Participants will need to bring their own water and supplements.)
Time: 6:00am
I found out about the 26 Angel Run in the above message by email on January 9th. It didn't give me much time to prepare or to fund raise, but it was something that I knew I had to do.
I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it the full 26 miles because I hadn't been training, but I had to try.
I ended up raising more than I had planned. My goal was $260 since I didn't have much time, but I ended up making well over $300 and am so grateful to my friends and family who donated to this cause. I also ended up making it the whole way with plenty of help from Patrick, my sister and her husband and my parents. It was something that meant something to me to do, to get a picture of every angel.
After posting the pictures to facebook I received a message from a friend about the angel at mile 21:
"I shared this photo with my cousin. She is very close to the parents of Emilie. Her daughter and Emilie went to school together mere months before the Parker's moved to Connecticut. Thanks for sharing, this photo has been passed along to Emilie's parents graciously."

I didn't do this run to be praised. I didn't do it other than for the fact that we wanted to be a light of hope, of good in people. This message meant something to me. Made me feel like what we did had a purpose other than donating money. It's not enough to make up for what they lost. Nothing will ever be good enough. But it's hopefully something.

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